unlocking the value on the receive side of remittances

Money Transfer Operators, listen up!

Get ready for a game-changing partnership.

Seva will make your payouts stickier, differentiated and cheaper than ever before! Really!

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Remittance-powered cards, in local currency, for your receivers

Topped up in real-time by senders

Stay ahead of the game with balance alerts. Get the scoop on your receiver's spending trends, and score big with our AI-powered 'date predictor' that always has your back when it comes to transfers!

Financial inclusion for receivers

Say goodbye to tedious cash pick-ups and vanilla bank transfers. Make the money really count with access to digital payments, cash cover on hospitalization (no questions asked) and a credit line, all backed by your sender overseas!

Higher customer retention & zero payout costs for MTOs

For the first time, MTOs can arm their receivers with a proprietary, digital payout card that packs a punch. These cards come with a host of empowering services like health insurance and credit, creating differentiation in the commoditized world of remittances. And the best part? They reduce your payout costs by at least 50% while boosting customer retention! What's not to love!

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